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To unlock this this Tomas clue, you should unlock the Wild West Card Combo.


The Wormwood Symbol

The Tomas branch built a stronghold on Alcatraz Island and hid a Clue in the base of the lighthouse. For many years, the other branches tried to steal the Clue by taking control of the West. When the branches made particular towns too violent, there would always be people in black clothes (possibly Madrigals trying to stop the other branches from finding the Clue) arriving and make them too scared, creating ghost towns. The people in black also helped the Tomas protect the Clue.

The Dead of Night

Dan Cahill found a wormwood tree and broke off a branch near the Vesper stronghold in Goreme, Turkey. Later in the book, when Amy asked about it, Dan lied and said that it had broke of the Wormwood tree and landed in his back pack during the explosion in Goreme.


A steering wheel

the wormwood key

Card Combo

This Clue can be unlocked by completing the The Wild West Card Combo:

Card125.jpg Card128.jpg Card135.jpg


Wormwood (A.K.A. Mugwort) is a plant. It's used for flavoring and medicinal purposes.

Wormwood Brush


The scene brings you around the Alcatraz Island, avoiding the spotlight. On one of the walls, a panel opens and reveal the Tomas crest. It zooms on it, and a word 'WORMWOOD' will appear.