Worlds Collide was a month long Scholastic multi-platform event featuring the series 39 Clues, Infinity Ring, and Spirit Animals that took place during April 2014. The online Worlds Collide Forum is here . During the event, a digital fan fiction book and e-bundle was released, a live author tour took place around the country, exclusive content were unlocked, and a fourth 39 Clues series announced.

Digital Fan Fiction Book

Fans participated in three prompts for a crossover between the three series. Fan's responses were then edited by Mallory Kass (39 Clues editor), Nick Eliopoulos (IR editor), and Zack C (SA editor) into an e-book released as a PDF on the forum called Worlds Collide: Tales from an Awesomesauce Party.


Fourth 39 Clues series

During the Worlds Collide tour in New Hampshire, the fourth 39 Clues series, Doublecross, was announced for the first time.

Card 496


An e-bundle of The Maze of Bones, A Mutiny of Time, and Wild Born was released as the Powerpack.


Card 496: Worlds Collide was released, with the code GOLDTILDA2. The challenge was:

Clue 1: This serum clue was discovered in The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief. It also makes for beautiful jewlery! Clue 2: Crack the code and spell out the name of the evil SQ leader! TRIFLSDHA Hint: Try reading every other letter!

Clue 3: The Greencloaks meet the Great Beast Rumfuss in Spirit Animals Book Number?

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