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"That's right. At last count, WiseSaladin1 had over four thousand points in the game.”

WiseSaladin1 was the Tomas agentRick Riordan enlisted in the introduction to The Black Book of Buried Secrets. His card code is P226CF3GXP.  Rick Riordan stated that he has 4,000 points online, as well as having completed the entire 39 Clues game. His rank is over Olympic Agent as a Tomas. He also joined the Madrigals after finishing Mission 10: End Game and the Saladin League after finishing Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 0: The Acropolis Raid. Because of being in The Black Book of Buried Secrets, he has become famous, as shown by how he has 455 allies.



The Black Book of Buried Secrets[]

WiseSaladin1 is a top player on with 4000 points, which is why he was chosen to be a part of Rick Riordan's backup army. Rick Riordan thought of making The Black Book of Buried Secrets to reunite the Cahills against the Vespers. The authors were extremely reluctant, especially since they did not have a Tomas author who could help write the book (at the time). Rick Riordan's solution to this was enlisting the Tomas agent WiseSaladin1 to help write the book. Intimidated by WiseSaladin1's appearance, the others agreed to write the book.


WiseSaladin1 is a teenager stated to be shorter than Patrick Carman. He wears a full ninja garb with his shirtsleeves emblazoned with the blue bear Tomas coat of arms. He is able intimidate the authors into writing The Black Book of Buried Secrets.


  • He is shown to scare all the authors (even the Lucians). This is told when:
    • Gordon Korman says, "My God! You're - you're WiseSaladin1!", in fright.
    • Patrick Carman backs away from WiseSaladin1 in panic although Carman is taller.