Winthrop Cahill is the son of Luke Cahill. Winthrop Cahill was born in 1515.


His mother died of some unknown disease when he was just a baby. And he was the reason for Luke to have done everything to become a counselor to King Henry VIII (besides his thirst for power). He was promised by his father to marry the daughter of King Henry, Princess Mary Tudor, and become king, but Winthrop did not like the idea because the princess in his eyes was a goofy Primeria greatness,very ugly,and had a nose that ran faster than her bony legs. Madeleine was his housekeeper, and it was she who discovered that he possessed a "Way of Jane," he liked it so much that almost proposed the idea of ​​his father to marry Madeleine (because he did not know Madeleine and Luke were siblings).


Winthrop was during his childhood, a real brat, though perhaps it was for him a way to draw attention from his father. He had a tremendous hatred for Princess Mary to the point of putting a salamander in her clothes. Winthrop was not interested in ruling as his father, as he would rather be a thief and adventurer. He did not marry Princess Mary in his life.

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