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Even though Hope Cahill is dead, her duty as a Madrigal is still active. So, in her gravestone there is a secret compartment which contains a bottle of the Clue Vinegar.


The scene starts off with Hope Cahill's grave. A piece of it is illuminated in red, a spy camera comes out, the secret compartment opens and out pops a bottle of vinegar. The camera zooms in on it, the bottle opens and a drop of it falls onto the word VINEGAR.


The Clue Vinegar is unlockable by completing the Buried Secrets combo:

About Vinegar[]

Vinegar is a mild acid. It has a strong odor and is often used for cooking and cleaning purposes. Vinegar is a very bitter liquid. Today, its most common uses are on fried foods and to clean money.


The Vinegar Symbol

Vinegar Bottle

A bottle of vinegar


15 Vinegar