Vesper Two, also known as "The Shield", is a member of the Vesper Council of Six and is Isabel Kabra. Vesper Two was introduced in A King's Ransom, and was the first one to figure out that Dan Cahill was gathering all 39 Clues by bribing chemical supplies. 

Isabel Kabra as seen in Card 292



To oversee all Vesper activities on Vesper One. Vesper One's identity must be kept a secret to those outside the Vesper Council of Six, in order to prevent treachery.

Vesper Two also handles all disciplinary issues, and oversees operations and plan missions.


Communication skills, ruthlessness, and a talent for torture.


Isabel Kabra (until Day of Doom, Sandy Bancroft replaced her)


  • She believes that Dan can be turned, though Vesper One seems to disagree.
  • Vesper Two first appears in A King's Ransom observing Dan collecting Clues.
  • She has ties to Dan, as mentioned in A King's Ransom.
  • She wants to overthrow Vesper One, and become Vesper One herself.
  • She hates animals.
  • She also drinks the Master Serum that Dan Cahill created.
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