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Vesper Six, also known as The Enforcer, is a member of the Vesper Council of Six. The most recent Vesper Six was Cheyenne Wyoming.



Vesper Six was one of the Vesper Council of Six who were the highest-ranked Vespers. Her job was to execute Vesper One's plans by any means necessary. She was glad that she was in the council of six and her brother (Casper Wyoming) wasn’t.


Strength, bravery, ingenuity, and the ability to take the enemy by surprise.


Suspects (on card)[]



Rapid Fire 5: Turbulence[]

Vesper Six poses as a skydiving teacher and trains several Cahills on skydiving under the name Teodora. She attempts to steal Gideon's Ring from Amy Cahill, but Amy is able to escape. It is unknown if this agent is Teodora Kosara or Cheyenne Wyoming.

A King's Ransom[]

Cheyenne distracts Jonah and Hamilton while Casper traps the Cahills who just found the map with a knife. Cheyenne and Casper later pursue the Cahills to the library Katja Mavel works at. Cheyenne holds Atticus although Jake tries to stop her. Cheyenne, along with her brother lock Dan and Amy in a sealed room where they are in danger of losing oxygen. Cheyenne and Casper flee after Dan and Amy escape.


Cheyenne and her brother stole "The Book of Ingenious Devices" from the Pergamon Museum while Amy and Dan are trying to steal the Golden Jubilee Diamond. Later she and Casper follow Amy and Dan to Timbuktu to find the "Apology". She then gives a clue to Amy by saying "Remember this and then there were six", meaning that there are only six hostages and one of them is already dead.


Cheyenne's message

Day of Doom[]

In Day of Doom, Casper and Cheyenne transport the hostages to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and talk about betraying Vesper One. However, Sandy Bancroft, pretending to be asleep, sends a voice note to Vesper One. Vesper One then has Casper and Cheyenne locked in a room with water tied to a pole, but Amy and Dan save them. After the Machina Fini Mundi is destroyed, Cheyenne is arrested with Casper and Sandy Bancroft.


  • Vesper Six seems to be have been based on Damien Vesper's muscle, Craven.
  • Before the mission, most people believed that Vesper Six was Casper Wyoming.
  • Vesper Six speaks Italian.
  • Vesper Six attempted to break in to the Lucian stronghold in Paris.
  • Vesper Six has a rod in his or her wrist from an old injury.
  • Vesper Six has a triceratops tattoo on her left forearm.