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The following is a list of hostages taken by the Vespers in Cahills vs. Vespers.

The Medusa Plot[]

  • Fiske Cahill: Captured while bathing in a hot tub in California. The Vespers captured him by releasing a baby water moccasin snake into the tub. He is a Madrigal.
    • Status: Injured, shot in the shoulder, recovered, escaped
  • Reagan Holt: Captured while swimming in Puerto Rico when she was chased by a shark. She enters a shark cage, but the people on the boat were Vespers. She is a Tomas.
    • Status: Injured, broken wrist, chest injury (trouble breathing), escaped
  • Natalie Kabra: Captured while shopping in London, England when she was captured by the Vespers by going into a soundproof box. She had thought it was a changing room. She was a Lucian. She was killed by trying to destroy the Machina Fini Mundi.
    • Status: Escaped, Deceased
  • Nellie Gomez: Captured while eating a powdered jelly croissant in France that caused her to faint. She is not a Cahill by blood but has Madrigal status.
    • Status: Injured, shot in the shoulder, bullet removed, bit by dogs. Recovered, escaped.
  • Alistair Oh: Captured in an elevator in Tel Aviv, Israel while going to the optometrist. Endured a savage kick from a Vesper and fell on the same knee while trying to save Phoenix from falling into a river. He was an Ekaterina.
    • Status: Infected knee, Deceased
  • Ted Starling: Captured in an elevator in Tel Aviv, Israel while trying to find a cure for his blindness. He is an Ekaterina.
    • Status: Injured, also blind, but not from Vesper activity, escaped
  • Phoenix Wizard: Captured at a Jonah Wizard concert in Tokyo, Japan while trying to find the 'hip-hop vibe.' He is a Janus.
    • Status: Injured, gash on head, escaped

A King's Ransom[]

Day of Doom[]