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Inside the cell, there were high cameras, a dumbwaiter, and small cement rooms with bunk beds on metal frames. One of the walls could slide open as if it was a door. It could possibly contain hidden speakers, as an authorative voice spoke "from the walls" just before Nellie was shot.


The Medusa Plot[]

During The Medusa Plot, there were several agents kidnapped by the Vespers. They were placed in an undiclosed holding cell. Fiske Cahill was kidnapped from California, and he arrived in the cell first. This caused the hostages to theorize that they were being held in Southern America or Mexico.

The Dead of Night[]

The captives made an escape attempt, and the dumbwaiter was broken. There was a large flaking hole in the wall. The rooms were dirty, and there was enough dust on the cement floors to write messages in. The captors were staying on the floor directly above the cell, and a dull green light came from this floor. There were gas jets in the dumbwaiter shaft walls that were filled with a knockout gas. A black and white patterned lizard was found on the wall of their cell. This helped identify that the cell was in Argentina.


The hostages managed to escape by pretending that Reagan was dead. When the guards came to take away her body, Reagan and the others managed to overpower them. They escaped through a tunnel, and climped up a shaft to the outside. Reagan and Nellie stayed behind to hold the guards off, but were captured and Nellie was injured by a pit bull terrier. The others met a hiker who told them that they were in the Black Forest in Germany. Phoenix fell into a gorge but managed to survive and went in search of help. The others were captured, and they were sent to a different cell, which is 20 square feet and has a whole-wall mirror, which is suspected to be a two way mirror.

Trust No One[]

It was revealed that Sinead Starling had changed the features of the lizard, making it look like an Argentinian rather than a German one.