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Vesper Five, also known as The Spymaster, is a member of the Vesper Council of Six. The title was most recently held by Luna Amato.


Suspects (on card)[]

Official card


Luna Amato.


Infiltrate the target's inner circle.


a Vesper logo


Superb deception and espionage skills.


The Medusa Plot[]

Revealed in Mission 2 of Cahills vs. Vespers, she coordinated Natalie Kabra's kidnapping in Harrods, London.

A King's Ransom []

She and her Interpol partner, Milos Vanek, meet and discuss how to arrest Amy and Dan. Later, she bumps into Hamilton and Jonah in the airport, and reveals that she and Vanek are tracking down the Cahills siblings.


She is being tailed by Jonah, Hamilton and Erasmus. She ties up Milos Vanek and prepares to kill him and dispose of his body when Erasmus stops her. She kills Erasmus when he is distracted, but Jonah and Hamilton come in and Jonah shoots her three times in the abdomen. She is fatally injured. When they leave the building, with Vanek, the building explodes.


  • Seems to be have been based on Damien Vesper's spy, Maria.
  • Before the mission, most people believed that Vesper Five is Evan Tolliver.
  • Mission 2 reveals that she coordinated Natalie Kabra 's kidnapping.
  • On the code in the card it says "death in syracuse". Syracuse is a city in Italy. This may have to do with the death of Archimedes, who lived in Syracuse.
  • It is unknown who was to replace her as Vesper Five.
  • She was temporary suspended from Interpol after her suspect mysteriously drowned.