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 Vesill History[]

The very first Vesill was George S. Patton. Though he only appears in Vespers Rising, the story never would have been completed without him. He pretended to try to help Grace figure out the coded message. Then when Grace finally found out what bulls eye ment. George randomly appeared next to her with the bulls eye "hidden" in his pocket ( Sorry, I won't spoil any more of the book). Somewhere along Damien Vespers history and Madeleine Cahills, or George was born or married into the Cahill family. Either way he had betrayed the Cahills, and joined the Vespers.  

Vesper History[]

The Vespers were a family, dating back to the early 1500s, just like the Cahills. According to the Black Book of Buried Secrets, they evolved into an organization, and, according to George S. Patton, they recruit the best in the world and aren't picky apart from that the recruits need to have talent. Damien Vesper, the first Vesper, was Gideon Cahill's best friend until he betrayed him for the Master Serum, forcing Gideon to start the fire which burned down Gideon's laboratory, as seen on the back of the Thomas Jefferson Cards Card Combo. It is known that they are the Cahills' worst enemy. The Vespers have been sabotaging the Cahills from the start and framed Buchanan Holt for giving the Ekats the secret message. In the introduction to the The Black Book of Buried SecretsRick Riordan stated that every author agent (i.e. Margaret Peterson HaddixJude WatsonPatrick Carman, etc.) present during their meeting seemed to be terrified by the mere mention of the Vespers. They seem to be worse than any Cahill. As stated by William McIntyre, "They make Isabel Kabra look like Mother Teresa," and that from the reader's standpoint, Isabel is generally considered the worst, cruelest, and most ruthless CahillIsabel Kabra's parents had ties with the Vespers, as her maiden name was Vesper-Hollingsworth. Her mother’s last name was Vesper. Arthur Trent, Dan and Amy's father, was part of a family that had ties to the Vespers, but after marrying Hope, disowned himself from the family. Broderick Wizard, Jonah's father is most likely a Vesper, as Grace herself suspected him of being a Vesper. The Vespers attacked Amy, Dan and Fiske Cahill in Switzerland at a bank while the trio were dealing with Grace's account while retrieving Gideon's Ring. Amy and Dan were close to getting captured but were rescued by two skiers, Erasmus, and Fiske. In the Black Book of Buried Secrets, Amy calls Jonah Wizard, and, in a panicked voice (over much static), says, "They found us. The Vespers are coming." It is known that the Vespers are after Gideon's Ring. Many people think the Lucian branch and the Vespers are exactly alike, but there is a difference. The Vespers are full of ruthless people who would do anything to succeed and are not a family, while the Lucian branch are full of determined leaders and spies that are family.

One of the evidence of the existence of Vespers was at The Black Circle when Amy and Dan saw a picture of Winthrop Cahill seeing a man making a 'V' with his hands at the Lucian Stronghold. It is also possible that the Vespers control the FBI because when you search Vespers in the FBI database it deletes all your files(confirmed on Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 1).

Cahill History[]

It is virtually impossible to find one significant figure in history born after the 1500s that's not a Cahill. As said above, the Cahill Family is split into five separate branches, the EkaterinaTomasJanusLucians and the Madrigals. Each branch has its own distinct qualities that separate the different branches. Some branches have a grudge against each other such as the Ekats and the Tomas. All of the branch's founders were one of the original Cahills; Luke Cahill founded the Lucian BranchKatherine Cahill  the Ekaterina BranchThomas Cahill the Tomas BranchJane Cahill the Janus Branch, and Madeleine Cahill the Madrigal Branch. The reason you cannot find a significant figure that wasn't a Cahill after the 1500s is because back when only the original Cahills- GideonOliviaLukeKatherineThomas, and Jane- were alive, Gideon created a serum that cured the Black Plague. He drank the serum which made him stronger, younger, and more physical overall. His children wanted the serum (the whole thing), but he gave parts of the serum to each of his children, which made them try to kill each other for the whole thing. Katherine was interested in science and inventions, Jane into art and music, Thomas' had a lot of physical prowess and determination, and Luke was great at tactics and sneakiness. When the siblings got married and had children, their skills was passed down to their offspring. So Jane's children had an interest in the arts and musics, and excelled in them as well. These were passed down generation after generation. The hatred of each other, their parents interests/powers, and the longing for the completed serum never stopped.

Madeleine Cahill was never given part of the Serum, as she was born after her siblings parted their ways in hatred and Gideon died in the fire.

Members of the Vespers[]


The Vesper Council of Six[]

Other Vesper Characters[2][]

Historical Vespers[]

Suspected Vespers[]

Vesper Defects[]

Ekaterina Branch[]

The Ekaterina (pronounced ee-CAT-er-ee-nah) or "Ekat" for short prize ingenuity, inventiveness, and curiosity. Brilliant scientists and inventors are members of this branch. Their former leader was Bae Oh, who was arrested with the help of Alistair Oh(his nephew), for the murder of Alistair's father and the assault and battery of Alistair himself, and for many accounts of treachery. Alistair is the supposed new leader of the Ekats after the Book Series One, although this may be false. Katherine Cahill founded this branch. Their mascot is a yellow/orange dragon.

Janus Branch[]

The Janus love the arts. Creative artists, art ranges from writing to painting to espionage to rapping to burglary to acting to singing, hail from this branch. Their current leader is Cora WizardJonah Wizard is part of the Janus branch. Jane Cahill founded this branch. Their mascot is a green wolf.==Lucian Branch== The Lucians are leaders and spies. Due to the fact that some Lucians are ruthless and have an affinity for using poison, they are typically the most feared branch. Their leaders were Vikram and Isabel Kabra. It is suspected that Ian and Natalie became the new leaders when Isabel was arrested and Vikram Kabra went into hiding. Irina Spasky is also a Lucian, but she died in a fire saving AmyDan and Alistair Oh in In Too Deep . Luke Cahill founded this branch. Their mascot is a red two-headed snake crossed through a sword although their crest has often changed.

Tomas Branch[]

The Tomas are athletes, explorers, and warriors. This branch, currently led by Ivan Kleister, who values endurance and strength above all. The Holts are the only Tomas in the books. It is notable that the Tomas were first on the moon (Neil Armstrong) instead of the EkaterinasThomas Cahill founded this branch. It's mascot is the polar bear.

Madrigal Branch[]

The Madrigals goal is to reunite the Cahill family. If a branch obtains too much power or too many clues, the Madrigals will destroy their work and if necessary, kill. The Madrigals are extremely secretive and highly skilled, due to madrigals needing to have been granted madrigal status, not just born into the branch. They tend to have members that are the heroes of history and some notorious people (William Shakespeare is one example, he disappeared for a few years). Grace Cahill was the Madrigal leader (revealed in book 7), but she left the branch to Fiske Cahill after Grace died. When the Madrigals want to tell people that the Cahill Family will be united again they use a C for their crest. If they want to frighten someone, they use the Madrigal M. More than half of Nobel Peace Prize winners are Madrigals. Madeleine Cahill founded this branch in order to get the Cahill Family together again. They are the only branch to not have been given part of the serum, but just have the ingredients that Olivia and Gideon have. The Madrigals have 2 crests, one for re-unification and one is for threatening the other branches.