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Hey, this is Beast Boy Cahill. I associate Beast Boy from Teen Titans, which is one of my favourite TV shows, although I can be like Robin when I need to (can't we all?). I am also Fiske Cahill's apprentice, at least until he was kidnapped (we're gonna get him back!). On the 39 Clues website, I'm PatrolJanus (the 1 and only), who is, obviously, a Janus. My strong suit is writing, although I'm a bit of an actor, too. I'm also part Ekaterina. My mom's a Janus and my dad's an Ekat. It's awesome. So what you have here is Janus + Ekaterina = Epicness!

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Everybody loves a good poll.

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"Nobody hates vandals like a Janus! (Namely, me. Vandals suck!)"

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"Always look both ways when you cross the street!" Someday, I'll think of a cooler motto.

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