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Operation Homefront is a Mission in the Unstoppable Missions.

Operation Homefront
Characters: Ian Kabra
Preceded By: Royal Roots
Followed By: Deadly Secrets


Ian texted you. Now that Pierce is defeated and the world is safe, Ian is now the head of the Madrigals. He asks you for a simple task, gaining password for the branches archives. He thinks there are secrets among the branches, and he need to monitor the branches by getting the codes.


NT: You can only travel to the cities where your branches are located. This is like the Cahill Web Archives: only specific branch can see their stuffs.

Once inside the stronghold, there are people you can talk to. Find the one that will mentioned the code to you. But, in Tomas and Janus case, you have to do a certain task that will be use to trade for the password

Paris, France[]

Lucian stronghold - only Madrigals who were Lucians can go

People inside = Alana Flores, Chrissy Collins, Vikram Kabra

Talk to Vikram Kabra to know the code.

Cairo, Egypt[]

Ekaterina stronghold - only Madrigals who were Ekats can go

People inside = Ned Starling, Devin Cooper, Patricia Oh (new branch leader)

Talk to Ned Starling to know the code

Mt. Fuji, Japan[]

Tomas stronghold - Only Madrigals who were Tomas can go

People inside = Madison Holt, Reagan Holt, Paul Addison, Magnus Hansen (new branch leader)

Magnus has the code to the archives, but he won't tell you. Unless you give him something to trade with. First, go talk to Madison to get her homemade energy bar. Then, go talk to Paul to trade the energy bar with the Scottish wool. Lastly, go talk to Marcus and trade the Scottish wool with the archive password.

Venice, Italy[]

Janus stronghold - Only Madrigals who were Janus can go

People inside = Sophie Watson, Leslie D. Mill, Jonah Wizard, Lan Nguyen

Sophie knows the code, but to get her to tell you, find something to trade. Talk to Lan to get her doodle sketch drawing, then give it to Sophie to know the code.


Once you got the password, access to server and enter it. At first, you are only entering the code from your own branch. To know the other codes, simply access the Message Board to know the codes from other fellow Madrigals (or just create multiple accounts with different branches and find out yourselves).


Lucian password = PYTHONRUBY

Ekaterina password = GOLDDRAGON

Tomas password = TOPAZURSUS

Janus password = JADEDLUPUS

With all the passwords obtained, Ian can monitored the branches. And.... attacked by Saladin

Congrats! Now we deserve a break.