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Royal Roots
Clue: Greek code
Branch: N/A
Characters: Dan Cahill, Amy Cahill
Preceded By: The Queen's Wings
Followed By: Operation Homefront

Royal Roots is the third Unstoppable Mission.

Message Board[]

Mission 3: Royal Roots is now available for your gaming enjoyment (oh, yeah, oh yeah, doing an excited dance by myself!) In the mission you’ll journey to Ethiopia to hunt for one of the final ingredients to the antidote, but that’s not all! You will…

- Gain the trust of a local merchant in the Mercato to get one step closer to the ingredient

- Discover secrets hidden behind castle walls using your high tech scanner (no mission is complete without some seriously awesome-sauce spy gear!)

- Put your Cahill skills to the test by deciphering ancient languages to unlock a message carved in stone

- Race up the cliff at Debre Damo for the (literally) cliffhanging finale

So, friends, help your fellow Cahills find the ingredient before it’s too late! Why are you still reading this?! GET ON IT! J --Beth


Jonah, Ian and Hamilton brief you. You are tracking down the next ingredient for the antidote. This one is dingetenga plant in Abyssinia, which is now present day Ethiopia


Addis Ababa[]

Here there's the biggest market in Africa, the Mercato. The dingetenga plant is listed as a threatened species, so you must convinced people that you really need that plant.


Talk to a shopkeeper. Choose the correct speechbubbles to gain her trust.

Here, she tells you that you can find the plant in Fasilides Castle.


Here in the castle, is suspected that a Cahill hid something on the wall. Use the sensor to locate it.


From the start point, click and hold, move your scanner in a maze which can be seen on the small screen. If it turns yellow, that means you are close to the wall. If it is red, you have to start over.

You found the loose brick. Behind it is a secret message leading you to Axum Obelisk.


Here stands the Obelisk of Axum. It's a good thing you reached this place before sunset. The shadow points to a rock which there's a message carved in Ancient Ge'ez.


Choose the symbols to translate the Ancient Ge'ez to Greek first, then translate Greek into English

Nailed it! This is truly the work of a Cahill. The plant is hidden in Debre Damo Gedam.

Debre Damo[]

It's a flat mountain. Ask a man about 'gedam'. He answered 'gedam' is a monastery. To get there, you have climb the rope. But... the rope is stolen by the Piercers. Well, who needs a rope if you have Tomas traits.


Use W to climb up. A and D to move left and right. Use Q or E to avoid falling rocks

When you reached the top, you found the plant on the path to the monastery. It planted to shape a M. It's also a fact that a Cahill hid this.


You found the plant and report to Ian, Jonah, and Hamilton. We got six ingredients now, only one left to complete the antidote and stop Pierce.


In the extra part, Amy asked you to fix the encrypted photo


Drag the given part to it's appropriate place

It's a photo of Pierce with an unknown woman. Possibly Debi Ann, aka Deborah Starling