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Tungsten (a.k.a Wolfram) is Clue #28 in the 39 Clues, and is the book-Clue that comes with One False Note.


The Clue Tungsten was found in One False Note. The French word for cake, gateau, minus the letters that form the musical scale, makes the letters T and U, helping Dan and Amy find the Clue. TU is the old chemical symbol for tungsten, which is now known as


The Tungsten Symbol



The 39 Clues Clue 28


Glass and piano pieces fall at the screen, while two slabs of rock slide away, revealing the Tungsten swords clashing together with green volts of electricity crawling up them. This is similar to the cover of One False Note. The camera closes into the swords and the word TUNGSTEN jumps into the screen.

Card Combo[]

Card17 Card18 Card19 Card20 Card21 Card22

About Tungsten[]

Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, which may be why it's a Clue, and why the Japanese Samurai use it in their blades.

Echtes Wolfram

A chunk of tungsten.

Tungsten W

A w made of tungsten