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Toyotomi Hideyoshi, The Bald Rat or Hiyoshimaru Cahill is the son of Thomas Cahill. He became the Emperor of Japan, and is also a Tomas. He hid the Clue, Gold, as seen in The Sword Thief. He also commanded that no one could have a sword, because he rose from the streets and he believed that someone might do that also and overthrow him. It is rumored that he melted the swords to make a statue of Buddha. His first wife was named Nene. With his second wife, Yodo-dono he had 2 children, resulting in a total of 5 grandchildren which would have "kick-started" the Tomas generations quite nicely.


  • The name of the popular car brand Toyota is named after Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
  • Historically, the Hideyoshi line died out with the suicides of his youngest son and wife. In order for the Thomas line to have continued, there would have to be a break from recorded history (not so uncommon in the Cahill Family).
  • He commanded the fleets during the 1592 Japanese Invasions of Korea, and was defeated.

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