The Tomas Serum is the serum of the Tomas branch. Drinking this Serum will grant the user all Tomas powers, which are incredible strength and an amazing sports ability. The Serum is composed of:

This is one of the four lost serums, although in The Black Book of Buried Secrets on Annie Oakley's founder story a decoded code, says, "Protect The Serum". The other four are the Lucian, JanusEkat, and Madrigal serums. The Tomas serum is the hardest serum to make online because it has the most clues in it. The only known people to have taken it are Thomas Cahill and Shaka Zulu, who called it the "isipho". Others have taken it due to when Shaka Zulu took the serum. In the first series, no team encountered it alone, like the Ekaterina Serum.


Vespers Rising

Gideon Cahill gave the Tomas serum to his youngest son, Thomas.

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