Toby Griffon is a world-famous architect and a leader within the Janus branch of the Cahill family. He participated in Nathaniel Hartford's conspiracy to take over the Cahill family as a representative of his branch.


Cahill Outcast Nathaniel Hartford recruited Toby to join his conspiracy to take over the family. He attended the Cahill Family Summit with his co-conspirators.

Toby's only direct participation in the conspiracy was during the Outcast's second attempted disaster recreation, during the Airship X Prize race. He rode the airship owned by Fold N Eat, which was taken out of the competition by Hamilton Holt.


Toby wears black-framed round glasses.


Toby has a reputation for being a perfectionist, making extreme demands and giving harsh criticism. He is also smug and enjoys the misery of his rivals and enemies.

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