The Titanic II is a cruise liner and replica of the Titanic. The ship built and owned by billionaire and Titanic enthusiast Peter Zimmer, who launched the ship from Ushuaia, Argentina for its maiden voyage. Zimmer served as captain, and other officers onboard included Second Mate Anderson and another officer, Doberman.

Unlike its predecessor, which was primarily a luxury vessel, the Titanic II had a scientific bent, designed with the latest in green technology and powered by biofuels. The ship's initial voyage was also scientificially inclined, with a guest list that included biologist Dr. Jeff Tagamayer and his assistant Rollo Hardcastle, leopard seal expert Dr. Gilman, and several other prominent scientists, in addition to a high school science class. Other celebrities on board included actress Janelle Beladon and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Cahill Outcast Nathaniel Hartford targeted the ship during his challenge for Cahill leadership, as a recreation of the sinking of the original Titanic. He planned to use the ship's biofuels to explode the engine, using biofuel research by Tagamayer, Hardcastle, and Darsh Mourad. However, the explosion was prevented by a team of Cahills (Ian Kabra, Hamilton Holt, and Amy and Dan Cahill), who had infiltrated the ship.

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