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Thyme is a fake Clue that was mentioned in the Black Book of Buried Secrets and Into The Gauntlet. It was unknown whether or not it was a Clue, but once all of the Clues were out, it was shown that Thyme is in fact a false Clue.

Into The Gauntlet[]

In the Madrigal Gauntlet, Hamilton tells Isabel that Thyme is a Clue, instead of Rosemary, along with Tin, instead of Zinc. However, Isabel already knew about Rosemary and Zinc.

In The Black Book of Buried Secrets[]

The Black Book of Buried Secrets says on page 26 about Shakespeare that he hid some Clues in his plays, "...but quite a few have been uncovered, including Thyme, Clover, Bone, Rosemary, and Blood."


Much controversy has surrounded this so-called "Pseudo Clue". It was revealed in the Black Book of Buried Secrets that Madrigal Agent Shakespeare hid many Clues in his plays, one of which included Thyme. But when the full table of the Clues were given to the public, Thyme wasn't on it.

Possible Explanations[]

  • Shakespeare was mistaken, and may have erroneously believed Thyme to be a Clue.
  • Shakespeare could have included a fake Clue among the real Clues hidden in his plays, to deceive other branches.
  • The Black Book itself could have intentionally included a false Clue, to throw off other branches from discovering the full Madrigal Serum.
  • Mallory Kass, the author of the Black Book, could have made a mistake. Thyme is similar to another clue, Rosemary, so the two could have been mixed up.