The Trent Fire started out when many Cahills who thought Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent knew some valuable information came to their house demanding a recently found Clue. Isabel Kabra, the most vicious Cahill there, a Lucian, came in the house and held their young daughter, Amy, asking what the design on her pajamas was. Amy told her that they were koala bears, and Isabel instantly knew that Arthur and Hope had been in Australia.

Isabel now knew they had a Clue and started squeezing Amy tightly, demanding the Clue. Arthur and Hope made Isabel let her go and refused to tell the Clue. A very angered Isabel then lit the house on fire. Before the house was lit on fire, Alistair Oh, an Ekat and close friend of Hope, found a poem that gave a hint about a Clue. When the house set on fire Hope, Amy and Dan escaped. Arthur was still in the house so Hope ran back in to save him. It turns out that supposedly, Arthur had stayed inside to look for something very important, later revealed to be the poem. But Alistair already had it. Arthur and Hope both died in the fire.

When the police arrived, all they saw was a limo driving away. The fire haunted Amy ever since, though Dan was too young to remember it. However, years later, Alistair Oh avenged Arthur and Hope's deaths by getting Isabel sent to prison for starting the fire.

It was thought that Arthur Trent had died in the fire, but in A King's Ransom, Dan receives a text basically saying that his father is still alive and everything will be explained eventually. This text is signed by AJT: Arthur Josiah Trent. Dan is happy but confused, and he does not tell anyone else for a while. More texts are sent to him. Eventually it is revealed that Isabel was the one who sent him the texts.

Amy's Thoughts

Amy Cahill, the daughter of Hope and Arthur, believed for a while that it was her fault that the fire was started. She believed that because she mentioned the word "Koalas" to Isabel, she gave away her parents' secret. After a while, though, when Dan mocks the idea that she thought their parents died because Amy said koalas, Amy realizes it wasn't her fault.


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