This page is about The Trent Family, Amy and Dan's family. For the Cahill family as a whole, see The Cahill Family.

The Trent Family is not to be confused with the original Cahill Family. Dan and Amy's father's last name is Trent, but he chose to accept his wife's maiden name of Cahill for their children's last names. This was because Madrigals usually take their mother's name instead of their fathers in honor of Madeleine Cahill. Arthur Trent was a Vesper sent to spy on and capture Hope Cahill but fell in love with her and betrayed the Vespers to become a Cahill and marry Hope Cahill. Arthur Trent was the only non-Cahill that knew about the search for the 39 Clues before he married a Cahill. Unfortunately, in his lifetime, Arthur Trent was never granted a full Madrigal status. However, after his death, Nellie Gomez was the first non-Cahill to be granted active Madrigal status. Because of this Arthur was finally granted Madrigal status. He also for some reason, kept the last name Trent instead of changing his name to his wife's maiden name.

Family Members

  • Hope Cahill - Dan and Amy's mother (deceased) (Trent family by law)
  • Grace Cahill - Dan and Amy's grandmother (deceased) (Trent family by law)
  • Fiske Cahill - Dan and Amy's great-uncle and guardian (Trent family by law)
  • James Cahill - Dan and Amy's great-grandfather (deceased) (Trent family by law)
  • Edith Cahill - Dan and Amy's great-grandmother (deceased) (Trent family by law)
  • Saladin - Grace's beloved cat that Amy and Dan adopted.
  • Shep Trent - Dan and Amy's uncle/cousin.
  • The Outcast - Dan and Amy's grandfather (deceased) (Trent Family by law)
  • Olivia Cahill - Dan and Amy's Great x23 grandmother (deceased) (Trent Family by law)

The Trent's Alliances