The Starlings are yet another team in the hunt for the 39 Clues.

The Starlings are the Cahill triplets that belong to the Ekaterina branch and are one of the nine teams who were hunting for the 39 Clues. Ned, Ted, and Sinead Starling are all triplets. Sinead was Vesper Three. In Nowhere to Run, there is a mention of a Denise Starling too.

Family Members

Sinead Starling (former traitor)

Ned Starling

Ted Starling

Frank Starling

Mrs. Starling

Eustace Starling

Carla Jones Starling

Deborah Starling Debi Ann Pierce

Cara Pierce

Galt Pierce

Denise Starling

The Maze of Bones

Ned, Ted, and Sinead Starling join the Clue Hunt as Team Four. While in Philadelphia, the Starling triplets are hit by a bomb set by the Holt Family at the Franklin Institute (but it was really meant for Amy and Dan Cahill). Ted is blinded and Ned has painful headaches. Sinead has scar tissue on her skin. They were knocked out and were out of the clue hunt for a period of time

Into the Gauntlet

The Starlings dress in Shakespearean clothes and cause the fight at the performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The Medusa Plot

Ted is captured by the Vespers and Sinead is at the Command Center. Ned is the only one that escapes the Vespers. 

A King's Ransom

Ted is still captured by the Vespers and Sinead is at the Command Center.

Day of Doom

Ted, using Morse code by blinking his eyes, tells that "RILEY MCGRATH IS VESPER ONE". Soon Ted along with the other hostages escapes and Sinead is no longer Vesper Three. She turned Cahill again.



The Starling triplets are very good at inventing and creating new things. Ted is particularly good at drawing blueprints and planning. He invented a helicopter (said in Into the Gauntlet) that could land in places where the current helicopter cannot. Ned is good at coming up with fascinating equations in math and science. Sinead is good at creating gadgets and breaking codes.

Clues Known to Have

  • 0.125 fluid ounces of Iron Solute - Given to all teams in Book 1
  • 0.25 ounces of Zinc- stolen from Bae Oh during book 2-9 (book is not revealed)
  • Serum Formula - found in Book 10 during alliance with all other teams (except with Team Five, Irina Spasky, which was "unregistered" as Irina died)



  • In the Franklin Institute, the Starlings were hit by a bomb that the Holts set for Amy and Dan. Ned then suffered headaches with such intensity that he cannot focus for a few minutes at a time, Ted could only see light and dark, and Sinead had large scars crisscrossing her rib cage and some huge ones covering her arms. The Starlings are the only team that did not give up their Clues to Isabel Kabra in the Gauntlet because Alistair Oh shielded them, saying they only had one Clue and that was stolen from Bae Oh . Outside the Gauntlet, Ted thought of some ideas that could help make the experimental surgeries the doctors offered them safer and had Reagan draw them up for him.
  • Like the Kabras, they are rich, but don't use their wealth against others.

Impossible fact!

It says on some things on the internet that for the 39 clues movie dream cast that the actors of Fred and George Weasley off Harry Potter could be the actors of Ted and Ned Starling but that wouldn’t work because they would be older now.