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The Outcast (also known as Nathaniel Hartford) is a former member of the Ekaterina branch, and the main antagonist of the Doublecross series. He is trying to gain leadership of the entire Cahill family. He thinks that the leaders of the Cahill family (Ian Kabra and Cara Pierce) are too young, so he sets up a competition where the young Cahills have to stop a series of four disasters from happening.


Originally the Outcast was a title given by Grace Cahill toward family members who she believed were undermining the Cahill family or trying to put them in harms way because of the Master Serum. People who were branded as Outcasts could not contact any family members (which included parents, spouses, children and even siblings) or gain any resources from them and anyone who was caught helping them would likely suffer the same fate. Fiske Cahill was the original Outcast that he knew of, as he wanted nothing to do with the family. Grace agreed to make him an Outcast as a way to protect her brother from other enemies of the Cahills. Because of the repercussions that came with the brand, very few Cahills became Outcasts with the exception of Grace's husband Nathaniel Hartford.

Pre-Mission Titanic[]

The Outcast was banned from the Ekat branch many years ago, so he is trying to get his revenge. He recruits Aleksander Spasky (Lucian), Magnus Hansen (Tomas), Melinda Toth (Lucian), Toby Griffon (Janus), Vikram Kabra (Lucian) and Patricia Oh (Ekaterina).

Mission Titanic[]

He infiltrates a Cahill family meeting and stages a mutiny against Ian Kabra and Cara Pierce. He gives the young Cahills a riddle to solve, and that riddle eventually leads the young Cahills to correctly believe that the Outcast is trying to recreate the Titanic disaster.

Mission Hindenburg[]

He travels to Florida where he murders Beatrice Cahill. He also gives the Cahills a riddle to solve regarding the Hindenburg air disaster in 1937. Nellie Gomez and Sammy Mourad later find information that proves the Outcast to be Grace Cahill's husband, Nathaniel Hartford.

Mission Hurricane[]

He gets fed up with Saladin and orders Mr. Berman to get rid of the cat. The Cahills narrowly save him from death at a humane society. He detonates a nuclear bomb off of the coast of the Netherlands in an attempt to create a tsunami and flood the country. as this is happening, the Outcast views the disaster from a helicopter with Magnus Hansen and the pilot. However, the Cahills close the Dutch gates and save the country.

Mission Atomic[]

He tries to initiate a full scale nuclear meltdown and also the elimination of all other Cahills by spreading bees whose sting will only kill Cahills across the world but the Cahills prevent both threats It is discovered that he caused the Chernobyl disaster to happen which led to Alex Spasky to turn on him.


In the end of Mission Atomic, the killer bees Nathaniel develops to wipe out the Cahills cover him up and sting him as a result of Alex sacrificing himself to save Amy and Dan. As he is a Cahill, he dies. In the aftermath, Amy and Dan and the rest of the young Cahills retake control of the family and turn it into a democracy in order to prevent the creation of more Outcasts. The rest of the family members who sided with Hartford including Vikram Kabra, Patricia Oh, Magnus Hanson, Melinda Toth, Toby Griffin, and Cora Wizard cut ties with the family completely and went into hiding, fearing repercussions from the betrayed family members.