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The Casebook[]

  • It is unlocked by adding cards from Doublecross book 1 - Mission Titanic
  • It unlocks a quiz of 7 questions pertaining to clues collected by solving evidences in Doublecross mission 1 : Deadly Secrets.
  • Agent is awarded gold ,silver and bronze medals depending on amount of right answers.

The Quiz[]

( answers are underlined)

  • Q1) Why was Grace Cahill almost suspended from college?
  • a)She caused a explosion in the chemistry lab
  • b)She hid a clue in the library
  • c)She got bad grades
  • d)Lucians sabotaged her
  • Q2)Why was Nathaniel Hartford angry at Grace Cahill?
  • a)He felt she was "weak"
  • b)She was late for dinner
  • c)She forgot his birthday
  • d)She wouldn't share her clues with him
  • Q3)After receiving Bae Oh's note, who did Grace tell William they needed to hide?
  • a)Arthur Trent
  • b)Fiske Cahill
  • c)Hope Cahill
  • d)Amy Cahill
  • Q4)What word is hidden inside Grace's letter to Nathaniel?
  • a)Beware
  • b)Bananas
  • c)Behold
  • d)Begin
  • Q5)Where did Nathaniel Hartford die?
  • a)Moscow
  • b)Boston
  • c)Hong Kong
  • d)Paris
  • Q6)Who blackmailed Grace Cahill?
  • a)Eisenhower Holt
  • b)Bae Oh
  • c)Isabel Kabra
  • d)Alistair Oh
  • Q7)Who do you think is the Outcast?
  • a)A Tomas
  • b)A Janus
  • c)A Lucian
  • d)A Madrigal
  • e)A Ekaterina



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