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20101120133745!The Cahill Fire

Fiske Cahill's Painting of the Cahill Fire

For the fire that killed Amy and Dan's parents, see the Trent Fire.


 The Cahill Fire was the fire that split the Cahill Family and killed Gideon Cahill. The fire was caused when Gideon destroyed his work to keep Damien Vesper from getting the Master Serum. He had caused his experiment to explode, killing Damien Vesper's servant, Balthazar, in the process. His children Katherine and Thomas Cahill suspected their older brother, Luke, for causing the fire after seeing him sneaking around the house. However, Luke was only sneaking to Gideon's laboratory to inform him that Damien Vesper had come. Gideon Cahill was killed in this fire. Olivia Cahill was pregnant with Madeleine at the time of the fire. According to Card 249, the fire was in 1507.


If you collect all of the cards in the Thomas Jefferson Puzzle and arrange them correctly, a portrait of the night of the fire is formed, presumably painted byFiske Cahill, as it matches the style of the painting on the back of his card. The picture shows Olivia,Katherine, Luke, Thomas, and Jane, as well as some possible Clues, including the 33rd clue, Pearl.

Also, if you combine card 115, 99, 124, and 82, you get the following picture,

Cahill Fire, Cards, 115, 99, 124, 82

After the Fire[]

After the fire, Luke ran off, Jane followed, and they both left on a boat. Katherine and Thomas took of to Portugal to hide their Clues from Luke, leaving Olivia alone on Cahill Island to give birth to Madeleine. Soon, all of them lost contact and they were sundered.

The Fire had destroyed much of the Cahills' house. Before 1527, Olivia left Cahill Island for England. It is not clear that the body of Gideon Cahill was ever found.