Little symbols match the ones on the ninja star on the inside cover. So, the message reads: The competition is about Hope. Now I thought that was some cheesy saying, but I was wrong. When I was thinking, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, hope. Diamonds. Hope. Diamonds. Wait a minute! Hope Diamond! Hope Diamond!" It all came to me! So, I'm assuming, the next mission has to do with the Hope Diamond. But it is fun and cool, but it is so boring to find but is so hard to find but have no idea where it is taking me the bad guys are so mean.

What I've also noticed is that once you start a mission, it shows the cards that can help you in the mission (not including Mission 0; I don't really define that one as a mission). And two of those cards are from the books. Like for the first mission, it had card #4 Secret: The Titanic and Card #5 Agent: George McClain, which are both in the first book. And in the second mission, it had card #17 Secret: E-Mail Code and Card #21 Agent: Lan Nguyen, which are both in the second book. And in the third book, there is Card #35 Secret: The Hope Diamond and card #37 Founder: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who was the guy who founded the Hope Diamond. It is fun, cool, bad and good at the same time.

☀As you know, I have served our branch of the family loyally my entire life. I played a key role in our great victory over the Tomas: the seizure of the French Crown Jewels including the most precious diamond. I personally extracted the “important part” and saw to its safekeeping here in Russia. the next clue is so hard to get to with the bad guys are in the way

Since that day, however, my life has become a nightmare. I’ve been told I labor under a curse caused by contact with the diamond, but I believe my troubles are caused not by supernatural but human malice. And it is fun

First, my beloved cat, Mishap, disappeared, never to return. A small misfortune in the larger scheme of things, but more was to come. Next, my most hated rival, Boris Leibovich Ivanov, started a rumor that I was a cheat and stole away all my business. My sweet wife, Tanya, and I went hungry and suffered greatly. Then I was hit by a speeding carriage—which by terrible coincidence happened to be the carriage of the Czar himself. As I lay in the street, my leg broken and bleeding, the Czar’s soldiers arrested me and threw me in prison for a month. My crime: impeding the progress of the Czar’s entourage. I dared not defend myself for fear of being branded a traitor to the Crown. I hope I do not have to point out that we descendants of Katherine are aware which branch of the family the Crown favors, and it is not ours. we have about 50 hours or so hard

Mission Hurricane is the third book in the Doublecross series. It was written by Jenny Goebel, and published on January 26, 2016.

Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy Cahill, know that a disaster is about to strike the world. They know they are the only ones who can stop it, and they know they may already be too late. The person behind the disaster is their own relative, a man who calls himself the Outcast. He's already re-created two of history's worst disasters, and is only biding his time before he strikes again. The Ekaterina Branch was founded by Katherine Cahill. Although the branch is rivals with all other branches, its main enemy is the Tomas Branch because Katherine stole a Clue from her brother Thomas Cahill, the Tomas' founder. Because of this, Thomas swore to take revenge on her.

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