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Team Six was one of seven teams who accepted Grace Cahill's challenge and began the hunt for the 39 Clues. The team consisted of rapper Jonah Wizard and his father and manager, Broderick. Team Six represented the Janus branch of the Cahill family in the Clue Hunt.


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Clues found[]

Pearl ,Honey and Sulfur : confirmed when interrogated by Isabel Kabra. Iron Solute: Every team got that clue. Silk: found in The Emperor ‘s Code. Tungsten: found in One False Note.


The Maze of Bones[]

Dan and Amy- he offered them an alliance: denied

The Emperor's Code[]

Dan- to find the Clue: he failed, Dan succeeded

Into the Gauntlet[]

Dan, Amy, Ian, Natalie, Hamilton, Alistair, and Sinead- to get through the Gauntlet: succeeded

Isabel Kabra (forced to or she would kill Broderick) - to give her his Clues: succeeded