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Team Seven was one of seven teams who accepted Grace Cahill's challenge and began the hunt for the 39 Clues. The team consisted of siblings Amy and Dan Cahill, their grandmother Grace's cat Saladin, and their au pair Nellie Gomez. Team Seven represented the Madrigal branch of the Cahill family in the Clue Hunt.


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Clues found[]

As the winners of the Clue Hunt, Team Seven collected all 39 Clues. However, most of these Clues were obtained as a result of the other teams willingly surrendering their Clues to Amy and Dan. Team Seven collected the following Clues before reaching the Madrigal Gauntlet on Cahill Island:


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The Maze of Bones[]

One False Note[]

  • Irina Spasky - just an exchange; Irina double-crossed the Cahills, but events eventually worked out.

The Sword Thief[]

  • Alistair Oh - to find the Clue, and for protection and shelter: succeeded.
  • Ian Kabra and Natalie - to find the Clue, but betrayed Dan and Amy at the end of the book: they tricked Ian and Natalie to go to Kyrgyzstan. Amy and Dan succeeded.

Beyond the Grave[]

  • Theo Cotter- to uncover the past and to help get them into the tombs: succeeded.
  • Alistair Oh - to find Isis's temple: succeeded.

The Black Circle[]

In Too Deep[]

The Viper's Nest []

  • Alistair - Offered alliance: denied.
  • Isabel - Offered alliance: denied.

The Emperor's Code[]

Storm Warning[]

Into the Gauntlet[]

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