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Star Map Puzzle (Full Puzzle)

The Complete Star Map Puzzle

The Cahills vs. Vespers Puzzle / Gideon's Ring Puzzle is similar to the Jefferson Puzzle because it is composed of one card from the each of the books, and now it has all the cards from the Card Packs. The puzzle shows what seems to be constellations and zodiac signs and a shape that resembles Gideon's Ring. In the middle is the antikythera.


The order of the star map cards goes as follow.

307 312 304 316 308
305 314 313 309 303 311 317
315 310 266 278 272 302 306
322 319 290 296 284 324 333
321 328 325 332 326 318 330
327 323 329 320 331

The Complete Puzzle[]

Rapid fire ring

Gideon's ring

The Marco Polo Heist

The Magellan Heist

  • Card 333, Card 326, and Card 318 come together to form a message: ARTHUR TRENT IS DEAD.
  • Card 332 has a polybius square cipher. Decoded, it says SYRACUSE.
  • The QR code on card 331 says EUREKA.
  • The mirror writing IDNUM SINIF is FINIS MUNDI. Translated, it means THE END OF THE WORLD.
  • Card 324 has an Atbash code and Card 322 has a Caesar cipher. Put together, it says CASCADIA SUBDUCTION ZONES.
  • The coordinates 41" 24'33.1" N by 122" 11'41.6" W on Card 321 leads to MOUNT SHASTA.

The Book Codes

  • The phonetic alphabet Papa, Lima, India, November and Yankee forms PLINY.
  • Card 278 has pig pen cipher saying PATTON WAS V.
  • Card 278   and Card 296 has a polybius square cipher. The answer is ARCHIMEDES.
  • Card 272 has a substitution cipher saying GUY FAWKES WAS V.


  • Gideon's ring is in the middle.
  • The back of each book and card pack in Cahills vs. Vespers shows a portion of the puzzle from out to in.
  • The words "INDUCTOR" and "CAPACITOR" refer to tools that are used to store energy in magnetic (inductor) and electric (capacitor) fields. Another symbol (the one in the middle of the Guy Fawkes puzzle) refers to a resistor which is a tool that dissapates energy as heat.