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Silver is an Ekaterina Clue and is part of Gideon Cahill's master serum.


The Silver Symbol

The Clue was hidden by T.E. Lawrence in the Rosetta Stone translation book. The book was hidden in the Cairo stronghold. Years later, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt to try to find the Clue, but failed.


The eye of Horus

The silver key

Card Combo

This Clue can be unlocked in Mission 8: The Desert Sabotage or by completing the following card combo:

Card170.jpg Card171.jpg Card172.jpg Card173.jpg Card180.jpg


Silver is a metal. It's commonly used in jewerly, conductors, and currency coins, but it's also the second highest alchemical element.

Silver Bullion Bar



In the Ekaterina stronghold, the camera zooms forward, avoiding the lasers, until it closes on the translation book. The word 'SILVER' pops up from the book.

Silver coins.