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Sandy "The Breeze" Bancroft is a famous weatherman and was Vesper Four, also known as the Vesper Scientist. His identity was discovered in the Cahills vs. Vespers Mission 3. His specialties within the field of science are physics and engineering. Outside of science he is also fluent in Ancient Greek and holds dual citizenship with the United States and Greece.


Day of Doom[]

He travels to the Cascade Mountains with Casper and Cheyenne. He is knocked out by the hostages, Ian, Hamilton, Jonah and Evan. He also becomes Vesper Two, replacing Isabel Kabra. He is then arrested,along with the Wyomings. He is also one of the last Vespers to surrender. Near the end of the book, he is ordered by Vesper One to destroy Chicago, Illinois using the Machina Fini Mundi. He fails, however and is arrested for impersonating a meteorologist.


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  • He has a line of cookies (or biscuits) called Breezecuits.
  • There is a code on the star map that says Bancroft.
  • He owns three pet chihuahuas.
  • He despises privacy and always likes to be the center of attention.
  • He has ninja stars (or shruikens) with him at all times.
  • He impersonated a meteorologist, and took all the meteorologist's credit to himself, therefore making him a fraud, and not really a weatherman or a "world-class meteorologist". This was the reason he was arrested at the end of Day of Doom.
  • Hamilton was a huge fan of his enough to recite what he says and want an autograph as well as scuffing Jonah's shoes to stop to see him.
  • It's speculated that Amy knew that Sandy Bancroft was the Vesper Scientist due to her finding out the identity along with the player during the interactive portion of Dead of Night.