Sami Kamel is the shopkeeper of the Egyptian shop, Treasures of Egypt, which is located in the Citadal in Cairo. The only time he was ever mentioned is in Chapter 23 of Beyond the Grave. Sami's grandfather was a forger of antiquities, and knew Grace Cahill. Grace Cahill asked the grandfather if he could do a favor for her, which was to create the fake base of the Sakhet that Amy and Dan found in Beyond the Grave. Grace then told Sami's father to store something valuable in the shop until Amy and Dan came, which was, in fact the Senet Board. When Amy and Dan finally did came, Sami did not show any recognition until Amy and Dan told him they were Grace's grandchildren and showed him the Sakhet. Sami then told them to wait, and brought them the Senet Board, in which Amy and Dan found a picture of the next Clue, Myrrh.

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