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Salt is one of the 39 Clues, belonging to the Lucian Branch. The Clue can be unlocked online by adding all Cards in The Stolen Clue Card Combo


Janus Walter Raleigh stole a Clue in the Tower of London and sent it to the New World. The Lucians eventually found out and vanquished the colony, which is why it disappeared. They arrested Raleigh and put back the Clue.


The cutscene shows the Tower of London. Inside there is a brick with the Lucian Crest on it. The crest falls off, revealing a compartment containing a bowl of salt. The word 'SALT' will appear.


The Clue Salt is unlockable by completing the "Stolen Clue" combo:


They key that identifies that a card is in the "Stolen Clue" Combo contains a symbol of the pound.


Afternoon in the coffee-shop

A picture of a salt shaker.