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Safe Cracker is one of the games in Arena 39 at The 39 Clues website. However it is currently getting fixed.


Safe Cracker is like any other card matching game. The goal is to turn over pairs of matching cards, to clear them. One match is worth 50 points. You will also get points if you clear the level before the time runs out. One sec. is worth 10 points. Once the time runs out, each of the remaining cards will deduct 25 points from your score, and you will move on to the next level. There are three levels total.

Safe Cracker

Medals []

Medal How to Obtain this medal Picture
Safe Cracker Bronze Achieve 1,500 Points
Safe Cracker Bronze
Safe Cracker Silver Achieve 3,000 Points
Safe Cracker Silver
Safe Cracker Gold Achieve 5,000 Points
Safe Cracker Gold