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This led to an Ekaterina clue.

The Rosetta Stone helped people understand and decode ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In 1798, Napoleon invaded Egypt with an army of soldiers. But he also brought along a team of scientists. Even though he craved power like every Lucian, there was another reason. He believed there was an Ekat Clue in the Rosetta Stone. Napoleon eventually found it, but it didn't stay with the French. The British seized it when they clashed with his troops and ended up in the British Museum. All references were lost. Except the Rosetta Stone translation book inside the Ekat stronghold. The Ekat Clue Napoleon searched for was Silver. But still, the Ekats want to be careful. Anyone in the Egyptian wing of the museum for long periods of time gets a special treat--a trip to the secret underground prison.

The Clue the Rosetta Stone hid was Silver.

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