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Rosemary is a Madrigal Clue unlockable by adding Card 67: NY Subway, an uncommon card from Card Pack 1. The amount needed in the Master Serum is one sprig of rosemary.


Irina Spasky gave this Clue to Amy in order to gain her trust, in In Too Deep. The Madrigals tried to disguise it as an ordinary plant, growing between the cracks in a New York subway.


To unlock this Clue you need to complete the NY Subway Co


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  • This is the easiest card Clue to get, tied with Hydrogen.
  • This Clue is the only one which only requires one uncommon card.
  • Luna Amato offered Dan some rosemary at a meal.

People with this Clue[]

About Rosemary[]

Rosemary is an herb and it represents constancy.


Herb Bundle
Card 67

Card 67: NY Subway


The Rosemary Symbol

A Rosemary Stalk

Rosemary Stalk


First we were shown a train path with the Lucian, Tomas, Ekat, and Janus crest. Then, we were outside of the entrance of NY subway. The screen dragged us past, through the pipes, into a tunnel with the passing train. We dodged it by hiding below the moving train. Then we saw the soil crack and a rosemary plant grow. We were dragged down again and the word 'ROSEMARY' appeared with the crest.