Robert Bardsley was born a Tomas and in his younger years, was active in Clue hunting. However, as he grew up, he got tired of the branch fighting and their willingness to hurt people who got in their way, so he quit and vowed never to search again.


The Viper's Nest

Trade to the Madrigals

Robert was close friends with Grace Cahill and she tried to make him joined the Madrigals. He was horrified at first and couldn't believe his dear friend could be a Madrigal. He abstained from further Cahill buisness until Amy and Dan Cahill were in South Africa. Robert knew it was his job to rescue them, and so he did. After that, the Madrigals offered him a membership and this time, he accepted. He works now as a double agent for Tomas and Madrigals.


  • Teaching
  • Music
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