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Rapid Fire 7: Fireworks is the seventh and final installment of Rapid Fire.


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  • Amy Cahill
  • Sinead Starling
  • Nellie Gomez
  • Dan Cahill
  • Natalie Kabra
  • Ian Kabra
  • Hamilton Holt
  • Jonah Wizard
  • Director
  • Eisenhower Holt
  • Mark Rosenbloom
  • Atticus Rosenbloom
  • Jake Rosenbloom
  • Vesper One
  • Grace Cahill (mentioned)
  • Arthur Trent (mentioned)
  • Hope Cahill (mentioned)
  • Casper Wyoming (mentioned)
  • Fiske Cahill (mentioned)
  • Broderick Wizard (mentioned)
  • Isabel Kabra (mentioned)
  • Mary-Todd Holt (mentioned)
  • Astrid Rosenbloom (mentioned)


This story was credited to Clifford Riley (the Scholastic editing team), but the real author was Jackie Reitzes, as acknowledged on the copyright page.