Rapid Fire 4: Crushed is the fourth installment of Rapid Fire.


Seven months after the end of the Clue Hunt, Natalie Kabra catches her brother, Ian, practicing a confession of love intended for Amy Cahill, his former nemesis. Ian makes plans to fly to America to make his confession, but things change when the siblings learn that their mother, Isabel Kabra, had recently been released from prison on parole. Ian cancels the flight, believing that Amy would not want to see the son of her parents' murderer. He discusses matters with Natalie, waffling between going and not going, before eventually deciding to leave for Boston to see Amy.

The night before Ian's flight, the Kabra siblings fight, and Natalie storms off. Ian hears a noise in the Lucian wing of the mansion and chases an intruder onto the roof. The intruder reveals herself to be Isabel, and a conflicted Ian chooses to let her go. Ashamed of himself, Ian calls Amy and cancels their dinner plans. Amy is heartbroken, but, after a pep talk from Nellie Gomez, decides to move on from Ian, and calls Evan Tolliver.


Historical Cahills mentioned

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