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Rapid Fire 3: Hunted is the third installment of Rapid Fire.


From her office, the watcher, a Vesper agent, monitors the Clue Hunt, searching for a Cahill who she could convince to defect to the Vespers.

In Philadelphia, Ted Starling arrives at the Franklin Institute with his siblings, Sinead and Ned, in pursuit of Amy and Dan Cahill. Ted breaks into a storage room containing old documents related to Benjamin Franklin, searching for a Clue, but finds nothing. Ted's quick thinking during a skirmish with a security guard draws the attention of the watcher, though his close bond with his siblings complicates matters.

Some time later, the watcher turns her attention to Jonah Wizard, who is searching for a Clue in Caracas, Venezuela. Jonah breaks into the National Pantheon, narrowly escaping guards, and reaches the tomb of Simón Bolívar. Within the coffin, Jonah discovers a Clue, Lead. The watcher, who had alerted security of Jonah's presence, is impressed by his escape.

Hamilton Holt and the rest of the Holt family search for Clues in the Arctic. Eisenhower spots backpackers behind them and, believing they are also Clue hunters, prepares to attack. Hamilton isn't convinced and refuses to join the plan, storming off. Soon, Hamilton becomes lost in the snow and follows a man with a flashlight, only to be lead to a polar bear. Hamilton distracts the polar bear with his backpack, buying time to escape. It is revealed that the man with a flashlight was a Vesper agent, who had led Hamilton to the bear as a test for the watcher.

On the other side of the world, Ian Kabra sneaks into Angkor Wat, despite sightings of graffiti of the letter "M". Ian is assaulted by mysterious attackers in black, but takes one hostage, demanding the hidden Clue. One of the mysterious people in black claims that the Clue was taken long ago. Ian uses his hostage to escape Angkor Wat. The watcher reviews Ian's performance, determining that he would make the best mole within the Cahill family.


Historical Cahills mentioned[]


This story was credited to Clifford Riley (the Scholastic editing team), but the real author was Rebecca Leach, as acknowledged on the copyright page.