Rapid Fire 2: Ignition is the second installment of Rapid Fire. The novella retells the events of the beginning of The Maze of Bones from the perspective of several different characters (Ian Kabra, Jonah Wizard, Astrid Rosenbloom, and Hamilton Holt).


Ian and Natalie Kabra arrive at Cahill Manor to attend Grace Cahill's funeral, and interact with many of the Cahills who would later participate in the Clue Hunt. They take the opportunity to evaluate their potential competition, but determine that, even though their mother had warned them about Amy and Dan Cahill, they were not a threat. Once the funeral begins, Jonah Wizard also notices the Cahill siblings, remembering a similar warning his mother had made. He, like many others, shovels a shovelful of dirt onto Grace's casket. Professor Astrid Rosenbloom, however, does not.

Astrid, like some others, is invited to a reading of Grace's will. Through a video, Grace offers a choice to the Cahills in the room: one million dollars, or the first Clue. Amy and Dan, along with six other teams, accept the Clue, and the teams disperse to search for Clues. William McIntyre leads Astrid to Grace's office, where the two discuss the Vespers. William warns Astrid that the Vespers are coming for her and gives her a dossier of Grace's intelligence on the Vespers. Just then, the pair discover Ingrid trapped in a nearby broom closet, who reveals that she was kidnapped and replaced by a Vesper.

The Holt family ransacks Cahill Manor, looking for their next Clue. Eisenhower Holt directs his son, Hamilton, to light the mansion on fire, and he obeys. As he flees the house, Hamilton notices the imposter of Ingrid trapped in the floorboards, and rescues her. As the house burns, Hamilton realizes that the Clue Hunt has officially begun.


Historical Cahills mentioned

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