Rapid Fire 1: Legacy is the first installment of Rapid Fire.


On Christmas morning, Grace Cahill is diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. She contemplates revising her will to begin the Clue Hunt, but decides not to.

In Boston, Dan and Amy wait for Grace to call. Bored, Dan leaves their apartment to shoot off bottle rockets, and Amy follows behind to keep him out of trouble. The pair are followed and chased by men in motorcycle outfits who are trying to kidnap them, and the siblings end up hiding in a dumpster, surrounded by the mysterious men. Dan fires his bottle rockets at the men, buying time for the Cahills to temporarily escape.

As Amy and Dan hide behind a fence, Grace calls, and is terrified when Dan mentions the "Vespas". Using more bottle rockets, Dan and Amy are able to escape, and the police arrive and drive the Cahills to Grace's mansion. Dan and Amy open their presents from Grace, while Grace makes a few phone calls: one instructing an unnamed listener to hire Nellie Gomez as Amy and Dan's new Au-pair, and the other to Astrid Rosenbloom.


Historical Cahills mentioned

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