The Prestige Meter is the device located in the 'My Profile' portion of the Map on the 39 Clues website, as well as your Agent Card. Later, upon receiving Madrigal status, the Prestige Meter is moved to only your Agent Card, and is not viewable from the 'My Profile' portion of the site.

The Prestige Meter for an Ekaterina, whose rank is maximum at Supernova Agent.

The Prestige Meter is a meter that measures your rank in the 39 Clues website. The name of your rank is determined by your branch, as well as your accomplishments.

The higher up your Prestige Meter goes, the more actions you can do on the site, and more objects are unlocked that you can use on your Agent Card.

Increasing Prestige

You can increase your Prestige Meter by completing missions, collecting cards (Prestige Cards), collecting clues, earning points in Arena 39 and collecting Medals.

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