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Poor Richard's Almanack was an almanac published yearly by Benjamin Franklin, under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. The book contained weather forecasts for the upcoming year, as well as Franklin's own proverbs and sayings, recipes, poems, and other useful and entertaining bits of information. The almanac was one of the most popular publications in the colonial United States among the poorer and less educated population.

A copy of the almanac was kept in the library at Cahill Manor by Grace Cahill. Hope Cahill studied the book and left notes in its margins pointing to the Paris Catacombs. At the beginning of the Clue Hunt, Team Three, Alistair Oh, and Team Seven, Dan and Amy Cahill, found Poor Richard's Almanack in the library, and Alistair stole it from the Cahill siblings after Team Two, the Holt family, lit the mansion on fire. Team One, Ian and Natalie Kabra, attempted to take the almanac by force in Paris, but Alistair managed to escape the siblings, only to be assaulted by the Holts, who took the Almanack. Team Five, Irina Spasky, then stole the book from the Holts and took it to the Lucian stronghold at the Institute for International Diplomacy for study.

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