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"Dude, there's no modesty in hackery."
— Pony to Dan in Nowhere to run

Pony was the Cahill's technician, or, as he preferred, digital cowboy. He is introduced in Unstoppable, and appeared in Nowhere To Run, Breakaway, and in Countdown.


Nowhere to Run[]

Pony first appears in a rainstorm and is dripping wet. Nellie hands him towels to dry off, and offers him some cinnamon rolls. He takes greatly to Nellie's food, as he stuffs his face with them. After this event, he refers to Nellie as "goddess" frequently. He helps the Cahills by monitoring J Rutherford Pierce, and looking in to his past. He eventually flies out to Turkey to help Dan and Amy with their hunt of ingredients.


He, along with Hamilton Holt, Ian Kabra, and Jonah Wizard, all head back to the Cahill Mansion to help correspond searches with Cahill agents for the other three antidote ingredients. He manages to hack into Pierce’s system and meets April May online. This starts a small friendship between the two, as they both appreciate each other's hacking skills.


Pony finds out that Debi Ann, Pierce's wife is Deborah Starling. When Olivia Cahill's book is lost, he is summoned to Tikal with the rest of the group that was back in Attleboro. Pierce finds the book and ransoms it to Dan and Amy for money while never intending to give the book back. Seeing an urgent text message from Nellie saying that Pierce isn't giving the book back, Pony runs to warn Amy and Dan of the trap. Unfortunately, Pony arrives on the scene too late, and Amy and Dan are already trapped. The thugs kidnap Dan and Pony tries to save him but eventually, Pony falls from the thug's helicopter and his neck breaks.