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To unlock this Clue, you need to complete The National Palace Card Combo in Card Pack 3.


The cutscene shows multiple ray of lights forming a picture of National Palace. One of it flies straight on us, showing the scenario of National Palace. The screen melt away, like melting metal liquid, showing the word 'PLATINUM' with the Janus crest made of the material


The Janus sent Emperor Maximilian to Mexico in order to hide a Clue. The Tomas wanted to get that Clue and encouraged a revolution to overthrow him. They also arranged an execution which failed. Emperor Maximilian died, but the instructions on the execution order said that to take the Clue and once that was done, burn the order. Because the order was not burnt, therefore the Tomas failed in stealing the Clue but got it later.


The Clue platinum can be unlocked by completing the National Palace Combo:

People with this Clue[]

Dan and Amy Cahill.

About Platinum[]

Platinum is a metal that's more valuable and rarer than gold. The platinum credit card is usually more valuable than the gold one, but there are a few exceptions. It is the most valuable metal ever discovered.


  • It was discovered by Antonio de Uloa in the 1700's. However, Gideon must have discovered it because he used it in the serum.


Platinum Crystals

Platinum Crystals

Platinum and Diamond Ring

Platinum and Diamond Ring


The Platinum Symbol


A platinum nugget