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Pepper is a Madrigal Clue and is part of Gideon Cahill's Master Serum.



The Pepper Symbol

Long ago, a Madrigal named António da Madalena hid a Clue close to the ruins of the temple of Angkor Wat. The other branches tried to get this Clue, but the letter "M", the symbol of the Madrigals, was carved on the door. This scared the others away, ensuring that the Clue remained hidden, since although someone may want the Clue, they wouldn't risk angering the Madrigals.

Card Combo[]

This Clue can be unlocked by completing the Madrigal Temple Card Combo:



Pepper is a spice. It is used commonly in cooking to add flavor to food. It's 'partner' is Salt which may be why both Salt and Pepper are Clues.

There a lot of kind of pepper and it is impossible to find out exactly why pepper is a Clue.

Ground Pepper

Ground Pepper


The camera shows a Buddha-like statue, then zooms to a door, which an M is highlighted. The door opens, and the letters "PEPPER" jump into the screen, with the Cahill crest.