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Pearl is the 33rd Clue. It is a Janus Clue.


The Janus gave King Ludwig II a Clue to hide. So, he built Neuschwanstein Castle and hid it in the grotto of the place. The Ekat, who wanted to get the Clue, sent a psychiatrist to tell the king that he was "mad", thus

The Pearl Symbol

allowing his uncle, an Ekaterina, to take the throne. Even though the Ekat killed Ludwig, they never found this Clue.


The screen shows the Neuschwastein Castle. The scan points on a window of one of the tower. Zoomed in, and a pearl appear with the Janus crest. The screen zooms in on it and the word 'PEARL' will appear.


The Key on the cards in The Mad King Card Combo is the sign of a castle tower.


The Clue Pearl can be unlocked by completing the Mad Ludwig combo:

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