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The snow globe in which his engagement ring is hidden.

Paul Revere was an American patriot during the American Revolution, most known for his midnight ride before the Battles of Lexington and Concord. He engraved the secret of a Clue on his engagement ring to Rachel Walker. Because of his knowledge of this, it is presumed that Revere was a Cahill.


Midnight Ride

Isabel Kabra tells her children to find Revere's engagement ring in order to track down the next Clue. The ring is in a snow globe in Grace's mansion. As a result, Ian and Natalie Kabra sneak into Grace's secret room to steal it, but are foiled by Amy and Dan.

Clues Known to Have

Revere had an engagement ring which he gave to Rachel Walker during the American Revolution. He engraved a secret leading to a Clue on the ring. As of yet this Clue still remains unspecified. The ring was passed down to Hope Cahill, who hid the ring inside a snowglobe miniature of Revere's home. Grace Cahill later gave this to Dan and Amy Cahill.

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